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Newcomers to Urban CrossFit begin with our Intro Program. The program consists of 6 private or small group (up to 4 people) sessions designed to familiarize you with the equipment, movements, and stimulus used in CrossFit workouts. Your first session is free of charge and obligation.


CrossFit group classes utilize functional movements, executed at high intensity, in as many combinations as the imagination permits to create a highly variable, challenging workout. The group dynamic is fun, motivating, and sometimes competitive. We recommend attending at least 3 classes per week for the best results and value.


“Personal Training” provides focused individual attention based on your needs and goals. Great for beginners to CrossFit or anyone wishing to tune up their skills, work on specific areas, or achieve personal goals regardless of experience level.

1 Month Unlimited Classes – $150.00

CrossFit Intro Program – $200.00

If you’ve never experienced CrossFit before, feel free to drop in on any of our classes to observe and possibly participate. You may also contact Craig to schedule your free introductory workout.